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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Review - Legion (2010)

This review is more of a warning; please do not watch the movie “Legion” 2010. Had I known what I was watching, I probably would not have bothered. So, I lost 100 minutes of my life and if I had paid to see it in the theater or bought this film on DVD, I would be demanding my money back. I decided to keep watching hoping it would lead to something better…

This movie is categorized as apocalyptic fantasy-horror. Well I can vouch it was. The acting was so-so, only Dennis Quaid held things together. Story line is such that it surrounds impending doom with some sort of judgment day Armageddon involving angels (not really explained). An angel-Michael was sent down from God to get things started but had a change of heart that led him to cutting off his wings to assume mortality??? Later, after some mass hysteria and deaths with plagues, he then helps a small group survive holding up in a rundown diner off the interstate. Everyone is caught up protecting a promiscuous teen who is pregnant with some bastard savior child whom the other angels are out to kill. Sound interesting? It does but don’t be fooled.

The fright scenes were terrible and lacked any real action. The movie trailer is very misleading as all the action is contained within it. I would have liked less talk and more angel slaying though. There was only one fight scene (at the end) which involved two angels battling it out. This movie was slow paced and set up too much back story to the point of being boring.

It defiantly had potential but was all cheap visual effects without proper story backbone. Not even gratuitous nudity could have helped. I rate this movie 3/10.