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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guest Movie Review - Inception (2010)

July has been a busy month for me and well it has left me with no time to watch films. So, with that said, may I introduce our first guest movie reviewer John.

John writes:

“Inception” (2010) has been my most anticipated film ever since that first teaser leaked telling us that our mind is the scene of a crime. Christopher Nolan has quite a reputation for making spectacular films and already has an impressive filmography under his belt, but everyone was wondering if there was any way he could top The Dark Knight. Well my friends; put those fantastical thoughts of wonderment to rest because Mr. Nolan has outdone himself.

As soon as the film began, I was hooked. This doesn't happen very often and immediately I knew that this was going to be something special. Other than the extraordinary special effects, the most impressive aspect of the film is that every person in the main cast is important to the storyline. They are all given an appropriate amount of screen time and take full advantage of it. Every character has at least one moment where they have their time to shine. Sure, the film has Leonardo DiCaprio in it (we know he can hold his own since "Shutter Island") but I thought the ‘standout's’ were Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page. With background forte’ in simple characterization and light humour, “Inception” will be both their ‘break out’ movies and allow them to pursue similar opportunities of the same caliber.

The film is fabulously complex as there are so many things going on at once, particularly in the ladder half of the film. It would be incredibly difficult to summarize without spoiling the entire story. Now, I could tell you about the last scene in the film right now and while it would make sense, things wouldn't fall into place or
be entirely appreciated unless you knew everything leading up to that point. You will just have to watch it. The film has and will continue to receive great reception but there will be people who will give this film an unfavorable review ONLY because they will have to see it a second time for the plot to truly sink in.

The film is superbly written. I'm a huge fan of films that make you think or are able to create something that at least feels like it is completely original and “Inception” accomplishes both of those things. On one hand, stealing anything you hold valuable from your dreams seems pretty far fetched. On the other, everyone dreams and everybody has secrets or at least something they keep locked away from most people. Imagining that those things are easily accessible to certain people because they've cracked the code on how to maneuver through your mental defenses is pretty intriguing and makes it seem easier to relate to since it's something everyone experiences. The hardest hitting movies are the ones that are believable. The “Matrix” got people to think and question our reality, where as “Inception” blows your mind and your left craving for more. The special effects were seamless and amazing and I've been wondering ever since, how the hell did they do that!?

While everyone is awaiting for the follow-up to “The Dark Knight”, “Inception” isn't the type of film that should be swept under the rug. It's fantastically original, contains a spectacular cast, is wonderfully
engrossing, and is definitely up to the high standard Christopher Nolan has set for himself with the other marvelous films on his resume'. In typical Nolan fashion, the ending is a huge tease but is ‘goosebump’-worthy, completely fitting, and difficult to imagine the film ending any other way. It's easy for me to say “Inception” will
be a finalist for movie of 2010.