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Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Review - Cherry 2000 (1987)

Sometimes when you watch a movie, you can clearly see the influences of the era in which is was made in. What I’m referring to is the movie “Cherry 2000” (1987) and it’s very clear it is the 80’s. Now technically this movie is not the usual post apocalyptic feel but contains certain cues which make it so.

The story follows Sam Treadwell, a successful businessman in Anaheim and with a loving wife named Cherry. Cherry is perfect and attends to his every need. The two have a moment in the kitchen and start making out while the dishes are being done. Things get awry when the water pours onto the floor short circuiting Cherry. You see, Cherry is a model 2000 android. Sam is now lost without her and seeks the assistance of a repair guy who cannot repair her circuits –a total meltdown. He tried to sell him another type but the Cherry 2000 model was a limited edition and is the best. Treadwell saves the memory disc in hopes of having a replacement. The repair guy suggests that there are some models still out there but in zone 7 -a restricted area. It was suggested that a tracker would be needed and so off he goes. He was given the name originally of 6 fingered Jake from the repair guy but finds out he is dead. He later meets with E. Johnson, a wild misfit tough girl who is a tracker and at first decides not to enlist her help but comes back after an altercation in the bar. So, the two depart that evening driving a supped up Ford Mustang with oversize tires and body armour. Together they navigate the dangerous desert wasteland avoiding certain obstacles including tyrant Lester and his cronies.

Sam and Johnson become close and you can see that they have feelings for each other but Sam is temporarily blinded by his goal. Just when he starts to second guess going further, Johnson wants to finish the mission and two arrive in Las Vegas where the junked androids are located. Sam picks out the Cherry 2000 from a few choices, loads the memory up and she comes alive. The three attempt to escape when Lester and friends bungle things up. The plane they tried to take off was too heavy and Johnson jumps out. After circulating the area Sam has a change of heart and lands back leaving Cherry behind and grabbing Johnson. Together they take off and kiss. End roll credits.

The story wasn’t too too bad. There were some things I liked and some I didn’t. It was decently put together but just had a bit to cheese. I had to find another reason to like the movie and I must say that on a psychological level I did. Yes, it was a love story but it took place in what seemed to be post apocalyptic time period. There was no discussion on the events but that you could tell. Funny how the era was so obviously 80’s; complete with neon fashion ware. The acting was decent enough. The movie featured a few unknowns and others who are more known today but not huge stars. The star player though is Melanie Griffith as E. Johnson. She was fantastic and looked cute in the role.

I thought that the movie had a message too; sometimes the girl of your dreams isn’t necessarily the picture perfect cliché but rather the adventurous complimentary opposite. Relationships are complicated yes, but one thing for sure is that one-sided relationships lack the challenge that is subconsciously sought after. I would invite you to follow the self discovery journey that Sam Treadwell takes. I rate this movie 6/10.

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